That day came at last. After endless tweaking and refactoring, we are confident enough to call our QuickAdmin a stable tool and announce official version 1.0.0! (party)

But that’s not the main piece of news – with that we are actually introducing a versioning system into our tool. With every new functionality or update we will increase a version internally. And with every new adminpanel/CRUD generated, we will store the information of which QuickAdmin version was used for that generation.

From now, in the top-right corner you will see information about your QuickAdmin version, see here:

quickadminpanel versions

As you can see, there’s also a button to view full changelog of what we’ve done recently. It will show a modal window like this one:

quickadmin changelog

Not only that – if your version is not the latest one, that modal window will have a button at the bottom called REGENERATE WITH NEWEST VERSION. It will do what it says – re-generate the code of that adminpanel with our latest codebase. It might be just a cleanup, but also might be some new functionality.

Basically, now we operate similar to a CMS like WordPress – they have “Update now” button and check of the versions for available updates.

Another goal with this new function is to show you guys that we are constantly working on QuickAdmin, with new functionality coming every week.

Also, there’s a public roadmap available on Trello – you can see what functions we’re working on!