By default, our generated code contains only the admin panel – no front page, and the main URL automatically redirects to /login. But it’s easy to start building your front-end part, this article will show you how.

As mentioned, by default routes/web.php has this as the very first line:

Route::redirect('/', '/login');

So, what are the options to change it?

Bring Back Default Welcome Page

Maybe you just want to bring back the default welcome.blade.php that comes with core Laravel? No problem, our generated code actually still has that file, it’s not deleted. All you need to do is this change.

From this:

Route::redirect('/', '/login');

To this:

Route::view('/', 'welcome');

And then it’s back:

Laravel default homepage

Create Custom Front Layout

This is a more realistic scenario – that you would create a full page with a header, a footer, and other elements. So you would need your own layout core.

You can check our demo-project for Job Listings, based on a Bootstrap theme:

Laravel job listing

You can click around the demo here.

If you want to do something even more custom, with front-end theme downloading from somewhere, or compiling the assets, then it’s individual custom work and we don’t have any instructions for this. But, as you can see, we generate a standard Laravel folder structure, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt to your needs.