Probably the most often question from our customers is how to update admin panel after downloading it, like if you want to add another CRUD or field. Today we’re presenting a “proper” way of handling it – uploading the updates to your Github or Bitbucket repository, available for Agency plan customers.

A little backstory. At first we didn’t have elegant solution – so people needed to download, copy and paste all the files, checking manually what was actually changed.

Then at some point we’ve built a button to download only the updates files.

But that still meant copying and pasting files.

So today we’re introducing a better solution for that – integration with GitHub and Bitbucket.

So how does it work?

Step 1. First, you still need to download your project from our system and put it into your repository.

Step 2. “Push to git” button – if you click it, our system will create a separate new branch in your repository and push all the code there.

Step 3. Then you will be able to open a Pull Request there and will visually see what are the actual changes, and merge them without copy-pasting anything.

How do we access your repository?

First time when you click a “Push to git” button, the system will ask you for some credentials – your username, repository name, and authorization key.

The authorization key is a little different for GitHub and Bitbucket – so follow the buttons on that screen to get more information for your specific provider.

We believe that this feature will make life easier for developers working on bigger projects with a lot of updates – that’s one of the reasons we made it available for Agency plan customers.