Today I want to present to you a demo-project we’ve release to show the capabilities of our QuickAdmin. Larancer is a simple system for managing freelance business: projects, clients, income etc.

To have a look and feel, here are some screenshots from the project:

larancer 01

larancer 02

larancer 03

As you can see, it has functionality to add/manage data and some minimal reporting and some settings. In short, it’s just a bunch of CRUDs – that’s actually what QuickAdmin does.

Almost all the code for Larancer was actually generated by QuickAdmin, so custom code was written only for Reports page – I’m planning to shoot a screencast someday to show how it all worked together. To be honest – you can generate something like Larancer in minutes.

The code is available for free on Github.

larancer github

Feel free to use and re-use it however you want, probably we won’t support it actively cause this project is more like a demo of QuickAdmin, but if you can actually use it to manage your freelance business – great!