Twitter is the best way to read Laravel news. But it’s impossible to read all the feed, it’s massive! Also, it’s full of spam ads. So I decided to build a FILTERED Twitter feed, and today presenting to you… LaraTweets!

This is how it looks like:

What is happening “behind the scenes”:

– Tweets mentioning “Laravel” are crawled via Twitter API – once every hour
– System filters out spammy accounts
– System attaches tags if found them in the text, like “Vue” or “Laravel 7”
– That’s it, they are shown in chronological order

Sounds simple, right?
But it solves a pretty big problem.

Like, if you ever tried to read tweets about Laravel, you would see this:

Three tweets fit on one page (because of big images), two of them non-English and the other one is a spammy auto-tweet ad about some course? Hell no.

So that’s why I built LaraTweets. For myself, to find new material for my weekly Laravel newsletter, but maybe some of you would like to read tweets like me.

The only downside, while I’m using LaraTweets myself, is that official Twitter API doesn’t give the full text of the tweet, so there’s a link “View original” if you want to read the full tweet.

Tags and Topics

This project also assigns tags to the tweets, so you can browse the feed filtered by one topic. Here’s an example of “Laravel 7”.

For now, there’s not that many tags, I will add them manually after noticing the repeating patterns.

Why Register on LaraTweets?

Whole LaraTweets feed is free and publicly available. You can come and read whenever you want.

But if you register, you will be able to personalize your feed:

– Block the accounts you don’t want to see
– Or, favorites the accounts that you want to see highlighted as important

Registration is free and always will be, I don’t plan to earn money from this personal side-project.

Credits: LaraTweets is partly built with our QuickAdminPanel generator, and is based on free CoreUI theme.

Try it out and read filtered Laravel Tweets!
Go here: