I proudly present to you another new function in QuickAdmin – again, demanded by our premium customers. In one-to-many relationships, it’s really convenient to see all related “child” entries while viewing the parent. Here’s exactly what we offer from now. Let’s take a look.

Let’s imagine that we have Contact Management and we have Companies that have many Contacts, and also many Projects. Separately, it looks like this.

List of Companies:


List of Contacts:


List of Projects:


And, introducing now, here’s what you will see if you click View link on one of the Companies:


Yes, you will be able to see not only the details of the entry, but all children rows separated by tabs. In this case, all Contacts and Projects by that company.

You can even jump to one of that child row immediately – Edit/View/Delete it.

This function will automatically work for all new CRUDs. If you have already existing adminpanel and want to add this feature, just go to Menus, then choose Edit on the parent menu – in our case, “Companies” – and just click Save CRUD at the bottom. The system will then re-generate the code for show.blade.php and a few other files.

Quite a small feature, but will save a lot of clicks while using the result adminpanels – no more jumping between entries and menu items to see the related rows!