A few days ago there was a question asked on Twitter: “Laravel community, what do you use for local development environment?” – with ~50 replies, I decided to count the answers and here’s the chart.

First, the original tweet:

And here’s the chart of answers how many times some system was mentioned:

In addition, 3 people mentioned just using “artisan serve” and 1 person went for MAMP Pro.

So, as you can see, pretty clear winner is Laravel Valet. Why? Here are some quotes from the Twitter replies:

  • “Valet for convenience”
  • “Laravel Valet. Super easy.”
  • “Valet mainly because it’s so fast”

Other people who voted for Valet didn’t really specify why, they just seem to love it, unconditionally.

Of course, the amount of answers is quite small to make statistical conclusions from it, but I think it represents community choice pretty accurately. What do you think?

Thanks to Axel for raising this discussion on Twitter, and to everyone who replied.