Current QuickAdminPanel user-roles system is pretty basic – two roles, and then permissions are stored in AuthServiceProvider.php after download, so users can change it there. But now we’re introducing something much more flexible.

This is how it looks now – you download your panel, and have this:

So if you want to add a role to some permission, you go to AuthServiceProvider, and change contents of that array of [1]. Not that convenient.

Now, for Agency plan customers we’re introducing these things:

1. New menu item User Management -> Permissions – so you can edit them online in our generator:

So for every new CRUD you will see 5 new permissions automatically created:

2. Now you can edit permissions for every role – in menu Roles:

3. Probably the most important – now you can edit permissions and roles after downloading, without changing any code!

So, from now, we’re storing permissions in the database instead of AuthServiceProvider.php file. Much more flexible.

Again, this new permissions system is available for Agency plan customers.