Another new long-awaited feature is filtering the entries by their authors, in other words – kind of a multi-tenant application where users see only the data they entered. Now we have a module for that! Let’s see how it works.

First, you go to install the module, which is available for Unlimited plan users:

active user filter module

Before installing, you can choose one setting – which role will access ALL the data. Basically, which role will be the “admin” and the exception to the rule.

active user filter settings

After installing the module, there will be a new checkbox in creating/editing CRUD:

users access only their entries

Now, in online version of the generator, nothing will actually change, because you’re logged in as the only user of the system. But the “magic” happens after you download your panel.

So let’s say in downloaded panel we have one “Admininistrator” user and two “Simple” users:

admin users

And let’s log in with User 1 and add a few entries in Books.

books - user 1

As you can see, there’s a column Created by that shows the actual user.
Now, let’s log in with User 2 – his Books list should be empty, so he doesn’t see User 1’s entries.

books empty list

And if we add a few entries, he will see only his own books.

books by user 2

And even if User 2 tries to access User 1’s book by guessing the ID, it will be restricted:

books edit restricted

Now, remember we had chosen a superadmin role to see all entries? So let’s log in back with admin and see the list:

books list by admin

Finally, in case when admin himself wants to create a few books and is an active participant in the system, there’s a button on the top – see Filter my records. So they are able to see “only their” records, or all of them, like here.

If you prefer a video version, here it is:

We hope that this functionality will open new possibilities for structuring your admin panels by users or even teams, giving the access only to what they need.

Try it all out at by logging in to!