By default, our admin panel has User Management and ability to log in. But now you will be able to allow new users to register. With a few additional settings, let’s see how it works.

First, you go to Modules and find Registration module (available for Unlimited plan users). If you click install, system will ask you for two additional settings:

  • What role should be assigned to that new user?
  • Does admin need to approve the user before they can log in?

admin panel register settings

Notice: here we celebrate another “small improvement” in QuickAdminPanel – ability to have settings in modules, which expands things we can do in the future.

Now, after downloading your panel, log in screen will contain Registration link – see below “Forgot password”:

admin panel registration link

Of course, you can customize that link however you want – make it a button, place elsewhere, hide from public etc. When you click Registration, it will open a typical Laravel registration form:

admin panel register

And, basically, that’s it! Here’s also a short video demo of what I’ve just described.

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