Today we’ve released a new module in our QuickAdminPanel Generator – called Teams Multi-Tenancy. We already had a module for “simple” multi-tenancy, where every user could access only their entries, but many customers asked us to extend it to teams or companies. So we did it.

Here’s a quick video-demo how it works:

In short, this module will:

  • Create new CRUD Teams
  • Create new role Team Admin
  • Create new field users.team_id and will allow to choose team when creating new user
  • Create a Trait FilterByTeam with global scope to filter records

Filtering per role works in such way:

  • Simple User sees only their entries
  • Team Admin sees entries created by any user of their team
  • Admin sees all entries by all teams and users

The best thing is that team multi-tenancy also has the user multi-tenancy included.

Test the module yourself at!