Another new functionality in QuickAdmin – from now you can install a Roles/Permissions module and add permissions to your CRUDs. Here’s how it looks visually.

While creating a new CRUD, you can assign different permissions to various roles:

quickadmin roles permissions

As mentioned in the title, we don’t use any external package for that – in your generated and downloaded adminpanel you will see a usual simple Laravel code like this:

if (! Gate::allows('project_access')) {
    return abort(401);

Or this:

        <a href="{{ route('projects.create') }}" class="btn btn-success">Add new</a>

To start using Roles/Permissions module, go to menu Modules and install this one:

quickadminpanel roles permissions module

If you need more information about how those roles-permissions work in Laravel, here’s a link to the official Laravel documentation.