I want to show you a new long-awaited function in QuickAdminPanel. But first – a problem: if you work on your project long enough and want to change a few things after download, you then have to merge the changes file by file. Not anymore.

From now on, after any change on new/existing CRUD or installing a Module, you will see two buttons below the list of files:

quick admin download files

The right one will perform the same operation as usual “Download adminpanel” in top-right corner, and the left button is completely new – it will download an archive with only the files that were (re-)generated with the last operation. See here – example after installing Expense Management module:

quick admin files

Basically, you then just copy-paste all those files into your project. Unless you have changed some files locally, you’re good to go!

Try this new function at QuickAdminPanel.com