Finally this day has come – after multiple rounds of alpha-testing with existing customers, we can finally announce that you can register for a completely new version of QuickAdminPanel:

Why new version?

You can read all backstory in this article, but, in short:

– More stable for big panels (that was main issue)
– Visual themes choice
– Better generated code
– Better codebase for us to build new features

See first demo-project video here:

What happens to your account?

– BOTH versions will be active and available until at least the end of 2019.
– If you have Developer/Agency account, just register in 2019 version and your plan will be transferred with same expiry date. For Free.
– If you don’t have active plan (or have One Project plan), then register in 2019 version and you will get 14-day Trial.
– In new version we discontinued Developer plan, because it was too hard/buggy to support two different codebases for Developer/Agency.

So, which version should you use?

Important disclaimer: In new version, some functions of the old versions are still missing: Import CSV module, Combined migrations and a few more. We’re working on them in April.
– But new version is better and more stable, and I already use it for clients projects.
– Unfortunately, you can’t import panels from old version to new one, structure is too different.
– Probably in 2020 we will discontinue current version and move 2019 subdomain to main

In case of any questions with your plan, please email me personally
Meanwhile, we will keep working on new 2019 version, with many more functions to come.

I’ve also written a story of my own 15 lessons learned over this 9-months period of re-creating QuickAdminPanel. Learned quite a lot – both as a developer, and as a product owner/founder. Read the article on my Medium blog.