Today we’ve upgraded two of our popular free demo-projects on Github that we had created in 2017.

The goal was to use existing popular roles-permissions packages (Laravel Permission and Bouncer) and put QuickAdminPanel logic on top of them for CRUDs. I’ve written an article on them for Laravel News: Two Best Laravel Packages to Manage Roles/Permissions

The problem of those packages is that they don’t provide visual way to manage roles-permissions, you can do that only in the code, like $user->givePermissionTo(‘edit articles’); or Bouncer::allow(‘admin’)->to(‘ban-users’);. So our projects provide that “clickable” adminpanels which use the same methods under the hood.

The usage here should be that you start your new Laravel project with one of these boilerplates, and then build your custom code on top of them.

Here are the links to the repositories, try it out for yourself!