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NEW Feature: Column Search in CRUDs – with One Checkbox

We’ve released a new feature – when creating/editing a CRUD, you can specify to enable a “Column search”. Then, in your datatable, you will have a field to search not only in all the table, but also in each field separately.

How to Add a Front Homepage to Admin Panel

By default, our generated code contains only the admin panel – no front page, and the main URL automatically redirects to /login. But it’s easy to start building your front-end part, this article will show you how.

5 Ways to Use Raw Database Queries in Laravel

Laravel has a great database mechanism called Eloquent, also a powerful Query Builder, but sometimes it makes sense to just use plain SQL, in the form of Raw Queries. In this article, I will show you the most common examples of this approach.

PSR-2 and PSR-12: Why We Need Standards and How to Apply Them

Tabs or Spaces? Ok spaces, but then 2 or 4 spaces? Some of you probably will answer “doesn’t matter, it will still work”. Let me guess, you probably work alone, not in a team of developers? Cause as soon as there are multiple people pushing the code, there needs to be a coding standard. This article will show you how to adopt it.