After half-year of being on the market and after 3000+ registered users, we decided to dive deeper into what projects are actually being created by our customers and trial users. So here are some overview stats for you!

Most popular modules

We’ve changed our modules page a bit visually, showing the amount of installs and sorting by popularity. So here are the “leaders”, grouped by plan:


As you can see, free trial users choose Contact management to try the system, Professional users care about logging the changes of operations, and Unlimited plan customers use AJAX Datatables to handle bigger amount of data.

Of course, install numbers are relative – new modules from March 2017 like Social Login or Change Notifications are only starting to climb the hill of popularity.

Most-created CRUDs

Another way of using QuickAdminPanel is actually creating menu items, also known as CRUDs. Here users have freedom to call them whatever they want, but even then we have similarities and popular titles. Excluding the most popular “Test”, here’s top 10:

  1. Settings (87)
  2. Categories (59)
  3. Products (53)
  4. Customers (46)
  5. Countries (41)
  6. Pages (40)
  7. Clients (36)
  8. Orders (35)
  9. Companies (32)
  10. Documents (32)

So you can get a sense of what our users are creating – mostly product management systems, blogs and mini-CRMs. At the same time, the usage is quite different.

Finally, some record numbers

Of course, there are anomalies and most active users. Without mentioning any names and keeping things confidential, here are a few numbers:

  • Biggest admin panel: 92 CRUDs
  • Biggest CRUD: 59 fields
  • Most active customer: 44 admin panels

Wow, just wow – these numbers were a (pleasant) shock to our team. Thanks for being so active!

So, in general, we have some numbers to share and to be proud of. But this is only the beginning. Will you join us on our journey? Create your admin panel now!