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New QuickAdminPanel in 2019: What We’re Working On

We’ve learnt a lot, built good relationships with dozens of customers, and grew out of the initial vision. So in Summer 2018 we started re-creating the product from the ground up. In this article, I will share the thoughts of WHY we’re doing it and WHAT can you expect from new version.

Top 10 Packages to Get More from Laravel Eloquent

At QuickAdminPanel, our goal is to save developer’s time. Laravel Eloquent is a good example of this – its “magic” helps to get things done faster. But on top of that, there are a lot of packages that can help even more. Let’s review the…

How to Customize Datatables: 6 Most-Requested Tips

Our QuickAdminPanel relies on library to show the data. It has quite a lot of settings, options and configurations, so in this article I will show how to use them after downloading your panel.

New Module: Teams Multi-Tenancy

Today we’ve released a new module in our QuickAdminPanel Generator – called Teams Multi-Tenancy. We already had a module for “simple” multi-tenancy, where every user could access only their entries, but many customers asked us to extend it to teams or companies. So we did it.

Laravel Package Creators: Let’s Meet the TOP 5 Closer

We use a lot of packages inside Laravel. For free. But do we know the PEOPLE who created them and support us? Let’s recognize their names and faces and give the respect they deserve. Here’s the list of the most “famous” creators with their packages, maybe you will find out some new packages for yourself.