While working on our admin panel generator project, we’ve also decided to share the knowledge with the community. So this free mini-course will teach you how to build your basic admin panel in Laravel without any packages, with pure Laravel.

This 5000-words course consists of 8 lessons:

During the course, we will be creating a simple project which you will be able to download in the last lesson. Of course, our example will be really basic, but the knowledge will be enough for students to move on and create much bigger things afterwards.

laravel success message

The last lesson in the course will be a showcase of our QuickAdminPanel – how to perform the 1-7 steps much quicker, and you will see how much code/time this tool can actually save. But that’s not the goal of the course – even if you don’t use our tool, first 7 lessons don’t even mention it and contain useful lessons anyway.

So, let’s begin with our first lesson?