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Teams Multi-Tenancy: Add “Team Admin” to Manage Users

By default, in our Team Multi-Tenancy module, every member of the team sees all entries of their team, and team users are managed only by the system administrator. Customers were asking us how to add a new role of “Team Admin” to manage users of their own team. So we created a demo-project with repository.

Laravel: Login and Register Forms in Modal Bootstrap Popups

We all are used to default Laravel Auth login/register forms – as separate /login and /register URLs. But sometimes it’s needed to have them as modal popups instead of separate pages. How to implement it in Laravel, including showing the validation errors in modals?

Laravel Notifications With “database” Driver: Internal Messages

Laravel Notifications system is a wonderful way to notify users via email or SMS. But a less-known feature is notification driver called “database”, which allows saving the messages inside the application’s DB, and then show them inside the system, as internal message alerts. This article will show you how.