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Laravel Datatables Edit/Delete Buttons: Hide Under JavaScript Dropdown

Usually in every datatable there is a column with buttons – Edit, View, Delete. But often visually it’s more appealing to “hide” them and just view some icon (like three vertical dots) and show those actions only on click of this icon. How to implement that in Laravel, and specifically in QuickAdminPanel?

Laravel AJAX Datatables: Multi-Rows Cells with Images

When we say Datatables, we mostly assume it’s a table with data. Text-based data – like name, email, description, and buttons to edit/delete. But in reality, it’s more convenient to have more complex data in one cell. Let’s take a look at how to build it.

Laravel: How to Add Background Color to Datatables Columns

Datatables are powerful to list the data, but adding some colors would help users to visually filter data better. One of the most common examples is to view status of the record, with some background color. This article will show you how.